Collision Repair

Our repair process ensures that your vehicle is repaired to the highest standards. We start with a complete picture of the damage to generate an honest assessment of the extent of the damage so that no part is of the repair is missed. Our commitment to training to use the latest techniques and technology allows us to repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition with the highest standards.

Each repair begins with a thorough visual inspection of the damage to your vehicle along with using computer estimating software we, we can create a complete picture of the damage to your vehicle prior to completing repairs.

Using state of the art techniques and equipment we can repair and align your damaged frame back to within factory tolerances. Frame repairs serve as a base to complete further repairs on your vehicle.

Whether small or extensive damage, our skilled technicians will repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident conditions through the latest techniques, and highest quality parts.

With more vehicles beginning to use aluminum panels, we keep up with the latest techniques to ensure the same quality repairs to the damage on aluminum panels to get your vehicle back onto the road

For minor dents or hail damage, we can use PDR to work out the dents without having to repaint your vehicle to repair the damage.

We guarantee a colour match using Sikkens automotive paints to complete the repairs on your vehicle. Our full-sized spray booth lets refinish your vehicle the highest standards.

You have the choice of who repairs your vehicle

Accidents are out of your control, you can however control and chose who repairs your vehicle. As you are the owner of your vehicle and pays your insurance premiums it is your right to choose the auto body shop that you want to repair your vehicle. Continental Paint and Collision is a locally owned company that is committed to utilizing the latest training and techniques to guarantee the highest quality of repair on your vehicle. Our low volume high quality approach ensures that your vehicle get the correct attention to properly repair your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition.